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“Remarkable. It’s realism, but its realism brushes ever so deftly against the allegorical, making the novel shimmer,
part diary, part dream.”
—Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

“Dryland is a gorgeous, layered, meticulous, clamoring, beating heart of a thing about a sullen teenager swimming
and not swimming, kissing and not kissing, in Portland in the days of grunge. It will make you want to swim there and back twenty times without stopping.”
—Sara Marcus, Girls to the Front

“Moving sideways with its weight of secrets, this novel never strikes a false note.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Exceptional debut, a heartfelt coming-of-age story. . . .Using spare, precise prose, and with a fresh, strong voice, Jaffe explores Julie’s budding sexuality, her unexpected attraction to Alexis, her awareness of the limitations of friendship, and the angst young women face as they begin to confront adulthood.” —STARRED, Publishers Weekly

Read an excerpt here.


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