Stories etc.




“Unsafe is Not a Feeling,” The Offing, 2017

“Baby in a Bar,” Catapult, 2016

“A Form of Love,” Tin House’s Open Bar, 2015

“Ether,” Entropy, 2015

“Stormchasers,” BOMB, 2014

“Dogpatch,” Fence, 2014

“Burning Earth,” Paul Revere’s Horse, 2011

“A Good Way to Get to Know Me,” matchbook, 2011

“The Drummer,” Route 9, 2011

“I Was a Neat Check,” NOON, 2010

“Guitar” and “Fountainhead,” Encyclopedia F-K, 2010

“Changes Chances Choices,” Fourteen Hills, 2009


“My Brain,” in Two Serious Ladies, 2013


“News From Home,” Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly, 2018

“Queer Time: The Alternative to ‘Adulting’,” JSTOR Daily, 2018

“Going Under,” The Fanzine, 2017

“The Moment When We Stopped Being Just Friends,”The Cut, 2016

“St. Mark’s Bookshop,” The Open Bar, 2015

“Summer Friction,”, 2015

“The Paper Cone,” Put a Egg on It, 2011


Interview with Andrea Kleine, Lambda Literary, 2018

Interview with Michelle Tea, BOMB, 2016

Review of Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of LA Punk by John DoeThe Los Angeles Review of Books, 2016

Interview with Phyllis Nagy, Lambda Literary, 2016

“From James Baldwin to Lynne Tillman: Four Influences on DRYLAND,” Library of America Reader’s Almanac, 2015

Review of M Train by Patti Smith, SF Chronicle, 2015

“Book Notes,” Largehearted Boy, 2015

Review of What Would Lynne Tillman Do? by Lynne Tillman, BOMB, Spring 2014

Interview with Lucy Corin, The Open Bar (Tin House blog), 2013

Review of White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race eds. Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay, The Los Angeles Review of Books, 2012



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